Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Days

Snow days…love them or hate them.  As I was watching the weather report over and over to make sure I had the latest information so I could be prepared for the next couple of days, I remembered sitting around the kitchen table as a child wondering if Albion Public Schools “closed” would make the announcement.   The excitement my brother and I would have when we would hear those words.  We would race up the stairs to our bedrooms and start the layering process.  Tights, socks, long underwear, sweats, mittens, hat, ski pants and winter coat, and as always forgetting to pee before we put all the clothes on!  It was as if we were the Stay Puff Marshmallow Men and our knees and elbows wouldn’t bend.  How much fun we would have once we got out of the house!  Jumping in snow piles, and off the roofs of garages into snowdrifts, sledding down hole number 4 of the golf course, building snow forts, making snowmen, breaking off icicles from the side of the house. And then there were the snowball fights where it seemed like every kid in town was participating. Of course the older boys would always end up making ice balls and hitting the girls to make us cry…

After day dreaming of the years passed, I decided this would be the snow day to relive a little of my past.  I wasn’t going to worry about how early I would need to wake up the next morning to sit in traffic to make it to work on time or think about how many people have no idea how to drive in snow.  Instead I called my friends and invited myself over for a day of snow fun!  I went through the layering process just as I did 30 years ago (remembering to pee first this time), hopped in my car and headed out for a day of fun.  Mind you, there was not going to be any jumping off roofs into snowdrifts, as my insurance deductible is just a little too high for that kind of excitement, but snow balls, snowmen, rolling around in the snow and burying the dog were definitely on the list!  I was so excited for the day’s adventure.  I arrived at my friend’s house, sweating from having so many layers on and immediately grabbed the dog and headed outside.  Dawson and I rolled around in the snow and I threw the ball so he could dig in the snow to find it.  I buried him over and over again as if it was the funniest thing ever.  We built a little snowman just the right size for him to jump on and knock down.  Thank goodness he was such a good sport in helping me relive my childhood memory.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of frolicking, we were both ready to head back inside.  Cold and tired we plopped on the couch to settle in under the blanket and watch some TV.  We looked at each other like WOW what a great afternoon.  I looked at the clock and realized huh, that only took 30 minutes.  Oh well, what a good time we had!

Jessica Wood, Business Manager

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