Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lilies, The Giant Cat & My First Day!

I am the newbie at O’Brien. Fresh out of college and ready to start my career. Or at least that’s what I’d say now, two months in. You should have been there the night before I started my first day at my first big girl job… The night of the living lilies!

When I got the news I’d be joining the O’Brien crew my boyfriend did what any thoughtful boyfriend would do and sent me “Congratulations on your new job!” flowers. The bouquet was beautiful and sat placidly enough until the night before my first day. That fateful Tuesday I came home to find my cat covered in bright yellow pollen looking guilty but satisfied. At first, we laughed. Grover looks like a canary! Tee-hee! We gave him a bath in the sink much to his disliking and were fully prepared to move on to Taco Tuesday. Then a quick Google search produced grim news. Turns out lilies are deadly to cats and I had to rush my 22-pound, soaking wet, angry beast to the vet. Of course when we got there they lost their power so back into the carrier Grover went. Emergency vet clinic # 2 was able to take Grover into custody and treat him over night.

Meanwhile, I am desperately seeking Cassie’s cell phone number to tell her I won’t be able to come in for my first morning and my dad is wrestling said cell phone out of my hands and telling me that I will indeed go in for my first day because “My cat ate my lilies” doesn’t exactly sound plausible. In retrospect, thanks, Dad.

Cat lady jokes aside, I love Grover and I think I only slept about 45 minutes before having to pick him up at 6 a.m. to take him back to his normal vet. I showed up at O’Brien determined not to mention my ordeal so my new coworkers wouldn’t immediately peg me as the crazy cat lady. Two minutes later, I was telling my new friend Nicole all about it… So much for my conviction!

Despite all of that, I made it through the first day and am still here and much more rested. The irony of the congratulations flowers and the ordeal they caused is even funny now. As for Grover, he spent two more days in feline jail hooked up to an IV and trying to maim vet techs, but I’m happy to say he pulled through like the sumo wrestler he looks like.