Thursday, July 8, 2010

OBA and the B-cycles!

As those of you who are locals probably know, Denver is one of the first cities in the US to launch a bike-sharing program. Here at O’Brien, we all think it’s pretty cool that our fine city jumped to the front of the line to do something so good for the environment and the health of residents. In an effort to support the program, figure out how it all works and frankly, just have a little fun – we decided on a team outing to try the “B-cycles” and get some exercise over the lunch hour.

The bikes are similar to our intern, Kalin and our Jr. designer, Nicole pictured above – super-cute. They’re bright red and shiny with nifty baskets to carry all of life’s little necessities.

We picked up our rides at the Market Street station near the OBA offices. The concept of checking out a bike is simple, but in execution it took more than one OBA team member to run the show.

As you can see, art director Dwane, studio manager Carson and business manager Jessica had to tag team to get enough bikes checked out for the group. 

Eventually we managed to secure cycles and we were on our way. Oh the freedom of the open road! The wind whipping through our hair as we sped through our city greeting strangers with happy smiles and big waves and screwing up traffic with our complete lack of knowledge on the rules of the road. None of us could think of any existing precedents for a large group of advertising geeks on cruiser bikes riding through downtown.

Clearly we didn’t belong on the street, so we headed toward the beautiful Cherry Creek bike path where we would be less of a menace. 

We took off on a fun-filled ride around the path and cruised by Elitch Gardens Theme Park.

The team agreed that perhaps the next of Denver’s attractions we show our support for should be the Mind Eraser. 

We stopped by Invesco field for a haphazard group shot before heading back to the office. 

Clearly the “Cool Pics” camera we had along wasn’t designed for timed shots, but we were still able to capture the high spirits of our motley group on our adventure. 

And in true OBA style, Carson was even able to muster a few wheelies out of the faithful rental cruiser. 

But don’t tell Mayor Hickenlooper, I don’t think the B-cycles were really made for such shenanigans. 

After our fun-filled jaunt around the path, we checked in our bikes and headed back to work; renewed, energized and chock-full of fresh thinking for our clients.

Yup, those B-cycles were a darn good idea Denver. A darn good idea indeed. 

Cassie Augustine Jones
Director, Account Service