Monday, December 13, 2010

My ah ha moment

So I think my blog was due about two weeks ago.  Have I been procrastinating?  You betcha!  Why you ask?  I could give you a million excuses, but what it boils down to is that I do not consider myself to be an interesting blogger.  Nor do I consider anything I could write about interesting enough for people to read.  Give me a choice of running a  marathon that I have not trained for (and would most definitely take me over 4 hours) versus write a blog that would take me about 1/2 hour, I would choose a marathon.  How about sit through the movie “The English Patient” or write blog?  Or clean the toilet that our daughter has been camped out on for the past 1/2 hour?  Sit through a five hour flight stuck between two large smelly men or write blog?  Ok, maybe not that last one, but you see where I am going.  I admit it, I am the rogue dead beat O’Brien blogger.  But get this, I have FINALLY come to understand through this experience why our daughter waits until the last night to do her writing.  Lay out all of her homework and we can count on a major blowout every Wednesday over the bonus writing.  It is SO painful, but what she produces after a long grueling discussion is fantastic.  Given this assignment, I completely get where she is coming from and feel very lucky that my name gets pulled out of the hat only once, maybe twice, a year.  Am I proud of what I have written?  Sure.  Do I think it is a piece of junk?  Not so much.  Do I have several other ideas of what else I could have blogged about?  Right on.  If I could have figured out how to get them on paper to make sense to all of you, would I have picked another topic?  Word.  So there you have it folks, my ah ha moment, about 2 weeks late.  

Jen Stec
Media Director

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