Thursday, September 2, 2010


I’m kind of the tech geek here at O’Brien Advertising. I love new technology and everything it has to offer. I’m down for anything that can help improve day-to-day workflow.

Ever since my wife and I had our little boy 3 years ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad and what technology was like for him 30 years ago when I was 3 years old. Did he have a cell phone? What about a computer? Did we even have cable TV? We definitely didn’t have the Internet at our house! Running water? That last one was obviously a joke. These are all easy questions to answer now, even without calling my dad, because in today’s world all you have to say is, “Just Google it.”

Being the geek that I am, I did Google one of my questions. I wanted to know when the Macintosh was invented to see if he had a chance to use one of these, now amazing, machines. And the answer is YES; my dad would have had a chance to own a Macintosh computer. The first Apple computer (Apple I) was sold in 1976, and the very popular Apple II, one year later. But of course, most of the middle class population could not afford the $10,000 price tag. Well at least that’s what $2,500 probably felt like 30 years ago.

So then I went a little further and checked out Steve Jobs, Macintosh God, and how he became such a superstar in the tech world today. It’s a very interesting bio and I strongly recommend you, “Google it” in your free time. And because no one really has that much free time any more, I’ll leave you with a hyperlink to an interview with the Mac-God himself. He talks a lot about what was, what is, and what is going to be.

D8 Steve Jobs Interview

If you’re a big geek like me and want to see the entire interview, not just the highlights, “Just Google it.” You’ll be able to find it on the Internet, Pod Casts, Apple TV, iTunes, iPad, and any other Tech-y device you love to use.

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Carson Kraig

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