Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Caffeine Supply for the Troops

A long time ago we had a freelance writer who called himself “Caffeine Creative.” I always liked this because I love caffeine and I love creative. Perfect.

Now that we are in the dead middle of a long, hot summer, another creative caffeine option comes to mind. Sun tea. This was introduced to me initially when I lived in Arizona, where sun tea jars bask on every porch. I am positive the sun adds magic and extra stimulus to the caffeine. But too much of anything is not recommended, so the tea had to be diluted later in the evening with tequila. Talk about magic and stimulation.

Colorado has more sunshine than Florida, so in the summer sun tea is prevalent here too. Get a gallon-sized glass jar. Fill it with cold water, add three or four teabags and set it on your porch in a sunny spot for a couple of hours. With the economy the way it is, iced sun tea is a great bargain and keeps us away from the Starbucks gouge.

Here’s to caffeine and creative everyone.


Jim Conwell

Vice President

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