Tuesday, June 2, 2009

O'Brien Hires Renowned Illustrator Clark Tate

In spite of any threat made to my life for giving up information on how I, the illustrator, came to design for the website, blog and rebranding... I'm going to spill it all! This was a labor intensive and sometimes humbling process where first Terri and Dwane combined forces to break my will and my hackneyed style of drawing. This was done by taunting me with bacon and banana splits while I'm tied to the chair at my drawing table. Then as the passport to this withheld nirvana, I'm given a hot briquet to grab with my toes. I begin to draw feverishly. (What else are you going to do with a hot briquet between your toes?)

In the blur of the days to follow, the reams and reams of large newsprint paper, and several bags of Kingsford self lighting briquets.... I came up with what you see here on this blog. And as I sit, my feet in cool water, happily chewing cold bacon shards and staring fondly at the soup which was once a tall banana ice cream tower.... I can say these creatives at O'Brien really know their stuff. And now I'm a little scared about how well they know the human psyche.

Clark B. Tate


O'Brien Advertising would like to thank Clark for these classic illustrations. To view the rest of the icons visit thinkoba.com